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Welcome to the official website for Fable Fiddlesticks' House of Fun!

We pride ourselves on nearly 5 years of premium childcare and entertainment, with our ever-growing number of facilities for ages 3-18! Including our state of the art library, daycare, craft center, indoor playgound, and eatery!

Our goal is to create a place for children to stay safe during the work day while having fun and socializing with other children as well as our team of staff (both human and robotic!)

All of our robots are outfitted with security technology designed to keep every child safe and returned to a designated parent/guardian at the end of each day.

Fiddlesticks' Daycare!

image of children smiling and reaching towards the camera

The children who spend time in our Fiddlesticks' daycare get to interact and play with our mascot Fable Fiddlesticks, who is designed with premium AI that allows ease of interaction with children ages 3-13.

Teenagers 13-18 are not permitted in the Fiddlesticks' Daycare, but may access many of our other facilities, such as the library or craft center.

Our Library!

Our library is a place for kids and teens to enjoy, as well as parents who wish to check out books for their kids! All books are appropriate for children, but we have a young adult fiction section exclusive to teens age 13-18.

The Bookworm

Within the library we have a story time section run by our friendly robot Miss Swan, who runs a program each day for a different fairytale. These programs are available to any drop in, but our storytime program is often included in the Fiddlesticks Daycare schedule.

Our library is also overseen by The Bookworm, a friendly AI that can help you find any book, (and can keep your youngins' out of the teen section.)


The nextdoor neighbor to our daycare is our indoor playground, full of tubes to crawl through and structures to climb, with a padded floor and safety netting to ensure safety for all. While the Playspace is available to any age, there is a weight limit of 180lbs.

Francis's Cafe!

With dozens of yummy treats on the menu, Francis's Cafe is the place to go if you need a treat before or after visiting our facilities, or to stop for a coffee after dropping your child off.

Our cafe is manned by several robots who will make your order perfectly every time, and your drinks and snacks will be delivered to you by our cat Francis, an entirely animatronic feline companion. For all the joy of a cat cafe with none of the allergens.

Francis and other delivery robots can deliver you your food order to anywhere in the facility (except for the library; no food allowed).

Francis's Cafe is open from 11 AM to 4 PM. While the cafe is closed, you may find Francis wandering throughout the facility, particularly the sensory rooms.

Craft Center!

Come visit the craft center, where we host several programs a week for everything from oragami to knitting. Available to all ages, program fees may vary.

At our craft center you will be assisted and taught by Clara, our craftsman robot with a fun floral theme! You will also be in the company of CJ, a robot that looks like a sewn doll (and is soft in the same way!) Older kids and children can take sewing lessons and learn how to make stuffed animals and quilts with CJ's help!

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